Perfect For Cats

November 7, 2014 – updated for cat lovers

Toys aren’t just for kids, big or small,  but are also key to a cat’s happiness or any pet for that matter.. Whether this is a cat, dog or bird, most pets will enjoy playing with toys especially if they spend periods time home alone. You can even have a great paw shaped cat litter mat that the cats love to lay on. See this on the

cat toys are fun

Toys keep their curiosity at bay and from getting into things they shouldn’t! Cats in particular are extremely curious animals and when they wake from their naps, will find something to occupy them. By providing them with special cat toys, this can take their attention away from other items, such as the furniture or ornaments on a Christmas tree or perhaps picking your bathroom trash basket or eating plants.

Household items – Easy Stuff

Our cats love to play in basic cardboard boxes, shoes boxes, lids to the copy paper box. We even built a cat ‘condo’ out of a larger size moving box and used Hello Kitty Duct tape to keep it together. We cut a few extra holes in it for them to see out and go in and out at their leisure. It’s a big hit with the cats. This could even be a fun project at home to build with the family

Paper bags like from the grocery store are perfect too. Most cat owners know that right off the bat.  Make sure if you use a shopping bag with skinny handles to cut the handles off. This is so kitty doesn’t get their head caught in it by accident.


With the age of television and flat screens, some cats naturally watch whatever is on the TV. However, you can find special videos out there or DVDs just for cats. Some of these can run for hours while you are away for the day or at work.  Simple enough right?

Good Old Stand By

Mice and catnip are still on the scene and never seem to lose their popularity. Furry mice seem to inspire the hunting instinct, especially if laced with a little catnip or catmint. Plus they tend to be inexpensive so when they rip them to shreds, it isn’t the end of the world. Some of these even squeak and there are pull tail versions when you want to play with your cat that sends them scuttling off across the floor – imagine the fun that will give them! You can also find mini birds that are similar and chirp. Be careful thought, you might want to put them away at night if you don’t want to wake up to chirping because we know sometimes cats do mischievous stuff during the night.

If your family is a big fan on catnip, make sure you store the backup supply somewhere kitty doesn’t know how to get to it and overdose one day on too much catnip entertainment.

Pingpong balls are easy as well as larger size twist ties from bread bags and milk rings off of a gallon jug are simple hits. Of course, they all tend to do a disappearing act. Be sure to look under your appliances or sofa and other hiding spots where stuff can slide. Make sure too that you don’t create something too small that the cat or kitten might eat it accidentally and swallow something not meant for their tummy.

Tunnels and Fabric Cubes

Tunnels and cubes come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of fabrics. You can find the right size for the space you can allow for your home and cat to have fun. Make sure the cat or cats using them have plenty of room and holes to escape should they decide they don’t like it. Especially if another kitty comes along and isn’t playing so nicely. Cats always like another way to bail out.

Switching toys in and out can make some of the old ones seem like new again. Some people like to leave a kitty toy box out and let their cat choose which one is the favorite of the day. Check the toys out every once in awhile to ensure safety for your cat and toss those that might be an issue.

New age fishing: Virtual reality, gaming, and more

As much as we talk about not wanting technology to take over everything, it’s pretty much inevitable. Looking at fishing, you used to go out on your boat or sit at the shore and cast your line in the water until you get a bite. Though a huge percentage of fishers still do this, it’s made it’s way into virtual reality and video games which almost takes away the integrity of the sport (especially according to hardcore fisherman). You have your simulators you can sit and play at your computer, the arcade games you spend a token or 2 to play for 5 minutes or less, and even virtual reality fishing now.

There is a very interesting new addition to the fishing world. You don’t even have to go out on the water to do it. Virtual reality basically brings you to a whole new visual world and puts you in control of your surroundings. Technological advances have made it all a very convincing experience. With the new VRF1.0 (virtual reality fishing experience), people are getting the same sort of visual and auditory relaxation they get from real fishing. Of course, this hasn’t yet incorporated the feeling of lake air or anything, but even life-long fisherman are saying how convincing they find it.

Technological advances in real life fishing have also come a long way in a short amount of time. Going from blind fishing where people have basically just cast their line and waited, to using GPS devices, depth finders, and sonar-like devices to identify what’s below the surface, fishing has come a long way in the past century. If you want to go back even more, tens of thousands of years ago they didn’t even have the fishing rod or line, it was basically underwater hunting with spears and harpoons. The fishing rod itself is huge advancement itself.

Going back to fishing technologies, fishermen have many more advantages than they did not long ago. In the 1970’s it began with a little flashing light that helped identify where the bottom of the lake was. It grew into paper graphs that virtually drew the lake floor and everything between you and it. LCD displays and GPS’s are on almost every fishing boat nowadays, showing you clear as day what is below you and where you are, which helps make it easier to return to great fishing spots day after day or year after year. The more advanced units these days are actually pre-loaded with basically anything you’ll ever need. Lakes, islands, streams, tiny bodies of water, ocean, countries, pretty much the whole world at your fingertips.

There is a lot of controversy regarding all the advances (most understandably the virtual reality), however there are plenty of professional fisherman and more casual folk who find these very helpful. Whether it’s to help find a densely populated area of the lake, or to find your way home from out in the woods, we can’t really say too many bad things about them. If you don’t like them, just don’t use them!

Classic is “Classic” for a Reason

best infant toysVirtually every parent has felt the rush of pride when able to buy the latest, greatest toy for his or her child. With great anticipation, you wait for that little face to shine with excitement. Only, your little one seems more entranced with the box than the high-tech, battery operated, multifunctional, next-generation toy. Or maybe he plays with it for a few minutes before reaching for your old building blocks or that well-worn teddy bear. When children opt for traditional toys, they’re reminding us that the best infant toys don’t have to be “new” or high tech. Sometimes classic is best.


Passing the Test of Time

Did you know that the origins of checkers have been traced back to the Babylonians of more than 6,000 years ago? The idea of moving pieces around on a grid may not be intricate, but it has survived longer than many ancient civilizations. What is it about the game that makes us want to pass it on to the next generation? Maybe it’s the idea of recreating fond childhood memories with our own children. However, a more likely reason why checkers and other classic toys have endured the test of time is that they do more than entertain, especially for babies who are immune from pop culture influences. They help develop cognitive and physical abilities without kids realizing they’re “learning.”


Although there are always updated versions of classic toys, basic age-based themes keep popping up.


• Newborn to 3 months

Babies’ minds are super curious, so they like toys that make music and have bright, contrasting patterns. Colorful stacking donuts are a great example. While newborns don’t have the physical coordination to stack, they will notice the different shades. As they get older, their little hands can grasp at the donuts.


• 4-10 months

As babies become more coordinated with reaching and grabbing, they also become more interested in figuring out cause and effect—what’s making that noise and I how can I make it, too? Something as classic as the jack-in-the-box teaches this principle.


They’re also orally fixated, which means everything goes straight into their mouths. It’s important to make sure there are no small pieces that could be choking hazards.


• 9-12 months

As soon as your infant becomes mobile he wants his toys to be more active, too. He will want to throw, roll, shake, stack and even drop, all of which promotes hand-eye coordination as well as demonstrates spatial relationships. The Pound-A-Peg hammer workbench encourages more physicality. Of course, balls are forever popular.


When she masters walking, classic toys like the Fisher-Price Corn Popper become more fun. This design (albeit modernized a bit these days) remains a classic because it hits on all points: it’s colorful, makes noise, accommodates motion, and shows cause and effect.


Of course, as children become more influenced by television and peers, they may want that high-tech, battery operated, multifunctional, next-generation toy. But for infants and toddlers, classic still works.


What Is The Difference Between SCBA and SCUBA?

People often confuse SCBA and SCUBA systems for being the same thing. However, while these two breathing systems to have a lot of similarities; their uses are for drastically different reasons. The following article explains in more depth what a SCUBA system and a SCBA system are, what each system is used for, and what system is best for fire fighting.

What is a SCBA System?

A SCBA system is a self contained breathing apparatus, also known as a CABA, or compressed air breathing apparatus. A SCBA system is typically worn by firefighters and other rescue workers to help aid in breathing under life, or health, threatening situations. A SCBA system traditionally has three components, a high pressure tank, a pressure regulator and an inhalation connection such as a mouth piece, mou
th mask, or face mask. All three of these pieces are connected together and mounted to a frame, which can then be carried on the firefighters back. For further information regarding SCBA.

SCBA Resources:



An example of SCBA

What is a SCUBA System?

A SCUBA system is a similar to a SCBA system, however is used for underwater use. SCUBA stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. Much like the SCBA gear, a SCUBA system has a mouthpiece, mouth mask or facemask, which is attached by hoses to compressed oxygen tanks. The entire unit is attached together, strapped to diverís backs, and allows diverís to stay underwater for prolonged periods of time. SCUBA tanks are used for recreational and professional diving, by the military, as well as by scientist and underwater photographers.

SCUBA Resources:



A man diving underwater with SCUBA


What system is better for firefighting?

Without question, the better system to use for firefighting is the SCBA system. The SCBA system is the standard system in place and used by firefighters all across the world. There are two different styles of SCBA systems used by firefighters, the open circuit and the closed circuit. An open circuit SCBA is used more often and has replaced the closed circuit in most fire houses because of their safety features.


An open circuit SCBA system has four main components:

  1. Backpack and harness which is worn by the firefighter and attaches to the rest of the components and keeps them out of the firefighterís way.
  2. Air cylinders which include the air intake valve, pressure gauge and compressed air canisters
  3. Regulatory assembly unit which includes a high pressure hose and an emergency low pressure alarm
  4. Face piece assemble which includes the facemask, exhalation valve, low pressure breathing hose, regulator, head harness and helmet bracket.

A closed circuit SCBA system is not commonly used any more by firefighters, however are still used for hazardous waste manners, because a closer circuit SCBA system contains a longer air supply. Closed circuit SCBA systems contain enough compressed air for durations lasting between 30 minutes and four hours. Closed circuit SCBA systems also weigh less than their open circuit counterparts.

It is extremely important to note that regardless of what type of air system one is using, fighting fires is a serious matter and should be left to professionals.

All Genders Allowed


Life is about being creative and there are so many ways to do that. As a child it is important to stimulate the creative sides of their minds. That is why schools give them time to paint, draw, and glue glitter all over their papers…and hands. Makeup (e.g. mascara) should be no different for appropriate ages and any gender.

Makeup is another form of art expression and should not be limited to just girls to pursue. Boys have every right to wear it. It is not used just for a day out of the house but it is used by actors, actresses, TV anchors, and more. Who is to say it should be limited to women? There is so much more to makeup than its use. There is the science in creating the perfect shade of lipstick, a lightweight shade of powder, and/or a rosy cheek blush.

Some people are so fearful of letting their sons play with makeup but in reality they are just taking away another outlet for a creative mind to develop and grow. Some of the best brands of makeup have been created and designed by men. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

Makeup, especially mascara, should not be treated like a clubhouse that says “No girls allowed.” It is sold in stores for anyone to buy. It is used in entertainment environments and is just another way of free expression. It is like tattoos, jewelry, clothing, hairstyles, movie choices, etc. Everyone has their own mind and own heart to decide what they like and dislike. No one likes to be told what they can and cannot do so is it right to withhold an experience from our child? Let the boy play with makeup. Let him draw with the lipstick, trace his eyes with liner, pat his mother’s face with powder, squish the lip-gloss between his fingers and just have fun with it.

He may become the next inventor of a million dollar makeup company or the best makeup artist on Broadway. He will never get that chance if you do not let him have that chance. Opportunities are given to many people and many people toss them aside but this opportunity you can put into your sons hands free of charge. The experience in itself is one that could help him in the future. He may end up deciding to wear makeup and that should not matter either because in the end he is still your child. He is a living a breathing human being who will grow up to love his parents if they just accept him for who he is. Let him play with makeup. He may toss it to the side and want to run around the park but if he picks it up and starts drawing on his face, join in.


Top Toy Cars

What little kid doesn’t love toy cars (especially BIG vehicles)? It seems like they are the toy that every little kid loves to play with, whether they are boys or girls. There have been many toy car companies come and go over the last 61 years that they have been on the toy market, but three main companies have really stood the test of kid and toy time.

Matchbox is the oldest brand of toy cars that is currently still in production. The first Matchbox cars were introduced in 1953, so they have been making boys and girls very happy for 61 years. This is a pretty impressive feat considering how fickle the toy market can be and they are showing no sign of slowing down production either. Matchbox has been pretty consistent with the type of toy cars they have produced since its inception in the 50’s. They still make their die cast toy cars 2.5-3 inches tall and they still come in the all of the principal series, such as, 1-75 (also known as the regular series), Models of Yesteryear, Major Packs, Matchbox Military and Battle Kings to name a few. These cars are available at nearly every toy store and even the big box stores have them in many of the series located in the toy isle.

Hot Wheels made their debut in 1968 and are considered to be a more tricked out version of Matchbox cars. In the early days of Hot Wheels only 16-20 cars we cast and designed each year, but even with that limited release they quickly gained popularity for their brighter, cooler colors. Hot Wheels was actually considered to be the number one competition for Matchbox until 1997 when the manufacturer, Mattel, bought out the original owner of Matchbox. Now they are under the same company and still delighting kids to this day. One really cool feature that Hot Wheels has in contrast to other brands is the racing wheels that car has. There are assembly kits that allow kids to construct race tracks with awesome turns and loops. It is easy to see why Hot Wheels is still one of the top ranking toy cars on the market.

Road Rippers are a newer line of toy cars that while not as well-known as Matchbox and Hot Wheels is quickly gaining speed and popularity. Road Rippers are made by Toy State which is an amazing little toy company. Toy State released Road Rippers in 1984 and has steadily gained a name as an innovator in the industry, but especially in the area of toy cars. The Road Ripper line of cars was created with multiple play functions, lights and exciting sounds. Each Road Ripper line is custom designed for an exciting one of a kind feeling. I can easily see these cars neck and neck with its competitors in the very near future with its more modern looks and the cool lights and sounds made. These toy cars are primarily available on the Toy State website, but can be found on occasion at big toy stores.

Grills: A Grown Up Toy

grills are an adult fascinationBrands like Little Tikes and Amloid have capitalized on Americans’ fascination with backyard grilling. As homeowners graduated from a simple charcoal grill to elaborate outdoor kitchens, so have toy versions. The Little Tikes Get Out ‘n’ Grill features multiple “cooking” surfaces including side burners, much like the real thing. The Amloid My First Grillin’ BBQ even has hooks for tongs and spatulas. Indeed, some of the kids’ grills rival the ones adults cook on in terms of accessories, which you can check out at


As adorable as they are, the imitations can’t conjure up the smoky goodness that comes from cooking burgers and steak on the real thing.


And while they may not technically qualify as “toys,” for some self-proclaimed barbecue masters, a decked-out grill is as close to a grownup toy as it gets.


Primal Enjoyment

Why are we so fascinated by cooking over flames? Perhaps it’s a link to our history. After all, that’s how mankind cooked for thousands of years. So even though technological advancements have given us the modern-day convenience of indoor kitchens, we still want to throw a whole chicken or trout on a heated grate and hear it sizzle.


The backyard grill is a 20th century phenomenon that really grew out of suburbanization that happened after World War II. At first, grills were simply a holding vessel for hot coals. There were no features like smokers or rotisserie. In fact, there weren’t even any covers. The grill, coals, and food were all exposed. That meant the food was susceptible to wind blowing ash onto it, and the idea of a breeze ruining the taste of his steak perturbed George Stephen, who in 1952, worked for the Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago assembling buoys. One day at work, it dawned on Stephen that the buoys’ dome-like shape would be perfect for a covered barbecue grill.


Weber converted one of those buoys into a grill with grates, vents, and handles. He put it to a test, and sure enough, the cover kept out the elements. That was the beginnings of the iconic Weber dome grill, and it triggered six decades of grilling innovation.


Grill Shopping


Today, there is a wide array of grills available, from the most simplistic and inexpensive, reminiscent of Stephen’s invention, to the ultra high end designs that grill, warm, smoke, and even bake food items.


Buying a grill has become a bit like buying a car: Do you need a compact for general use or do you want a luxury sedan with all the bells and whistles? In terms of grills, will two burners be enough, or do you need 4 or 6? Do you have a fuel preference? There are models specifically intended for charcoal or gas, and some let you use both. Then there are grills that use wood pellets for fuel or infrared burners that reach über-hot temperatures.


In fact, there are so many features, that deciding which ones will help you prepare delicious cookouts for your family can get overwhelming if you don’t know what they all mean or how they work. You don’t want to purchase a grill that underperforms, but you also don’t want to be left with one that has more than you need.


So before you run out to the nearest store to buy a backyard grill to use this summer, compare different models. Check out grills of different sizes with various features, and be sure to read about how they work so you can make an informed purchase and enjoy using your grownup toy.

Metal Detectors – Are they Toys, Hobbies or a Business?

Metal detector article

Every kid likes to play in the ground. Most kids enjoy pretending that there is a hidden treasure to be found in their yard. There are some who even create maps in which they have to find a small casket full of coins, pearls and gold. With wide-open eyes, they look at the map and run to the ground to dig with all their strength in the ground. Many of these kinds played this game in a more sophisticated manner. They asked their parents for a metal detector that would help them find the treasure. But is metal detecting a toy, hobby or an actual for profit business. Beginners who are looking to buy the best metal detector are always asking themselves that question.

Are they toys?

There are many parents who are really concerned about the education their kids receive. However, when their kids are at a very tender age, they do not think of studying at all. What kids like to do is to have fun. One way of having fun is by playing games. Actually, there are some companies who make metal detector toys. Many parents get these toys for their kids as science toys. Kids love to find coins and hidden treasures. Metal detectors are available in a wide variety of prices. The average price is $25, and kids who are 6 years old or older can use them.

Are they hobbies?

There are many people who decide to get a metal detector because they use them in their hobbies. Actually there are many activities that involve the entire family metal detecting. For example, there are some people who like to practice an activity called Coin Shooting. It is very fun and relaxing. People who practice this hobby go to basketball or baseball games. Their objective is not only to enjoy the game, but to stay until the game is over. With their metal detectors, people go around the whole place to try to find coins. Some of these people like to conduct some historical research about those coins.

Are they businneses?

Second best metal detector pictureTo get a metal detector is not difficult. Actually, if a person would like to buy a metal detector online, he or she can do it easily. That person will see a large variety of metal detectors. There are some that are cheap, and there are some that are more sophisticated. They are a little bit more expensive, but they recognize all types of metal. One of the main reasons why it is so easy to get a metal detector is because it is a good business. Entrepreneurs know that people buy these objects, so they produce them.  People with metal detectors can help people recover their lost precious rings (

Metal detectors are used by both kids and adults. They both have fun when using them. MD (metal detector) can be science toys, hobbies and business at the same time. They are available in many varieties and anyone who would like to get one can do it since the prices vary so much.  Kids use them to have fun. Adults use them to get relaxed, and business men create them to make money. Many people just love them. There is no doubt that many great things can be found by getting a metal detector.

Music Appreciation and Mr. Microphone

MusicYou love music and want to make a career out of it. Perhaps the best way out of this rut is to create music. You can definitely make your own albums. But let’s start out with adding to what someone else has already created. The answer is simple. Look at  turntable reviews to buy a turntable and turn into a disc jockey.

Early Years

Let’s see how it all started out. First we had the gramophone which our grandparents loved listening to. Though they were bulky and took a lot of space, these gramophones and its records were the centre of pride in their houses at that time.


Soon came radio, 8 track tape players and cassette players. They were definitely a lot lighter than the gramophone and even the quality of music improved.  Kids today might not even know what cassettes and 8 track tapes are. The cassettes were light, portable and easy to play. Somewhere along the way, records were invented and they were played on a turntable. You had to be really careful when you turned it on because the needle to make the record work could easily scratch it.

Albums and CDs

People had to purchase the album to listen to the music on a regular basis or just randomly discover songs they loved on the radio. They weren’t just able to carry it around in their pocket. In the 80’s, came the CD player.  CD players started to become more portable for people than just a boom box that would play tapes. They were definitely one up than cassette players as the CD’s had a better life span. Times changed and music carriers got even lighter and much more of a pleasure to listen to.


They are now called laptops, iPods and cell phones. People were now able to save more music than ever and listen to it later wherever they went. No more worries about carrying a bunch of CDs or tapes around and needing a place to store all of it. The iPod can store many songs. Cell iTunesphones can do all of this too. Along with talking and using the internet, you can also listen to many different radio stations of your choice across the country and of course keep your favorite songs and artists at your fingertips. All of these songs can be chosen and stored one by one. You no longer have to buy the entire ‘album’ if you don’t want to  or know you like only one song.

Mr. Microphone

Mr. MicrophoneWe can’t forget the toy in our childhood known as Mr. Microphone. We could belt out tunes or just just yell out to someone in a much louder voice. This might have helped some people practice to be a future DJ or sports announcer.

If you have a passion for music, perhaps becoming a disc jockey is the way to go.  You can find DJ schools that will teach you the techniques and a few secrets of the trade. If this might be the career for you, investment in the best turntable and looking at several turntable reviews is another great place to start in your adventure of becoming a DJ.  You know that you will need equipment especially if you are going to be the host of events. Even if you are a regular DJ at a nightclub where people are dancing, you can convince the owner that investment and looking at turntable reviews is an important part of the process.

Once Upon A Time Toys

Once upon a time toys were more simple and did not require things like batteries or have millions of sought after accessories to keeping you playing for hours. Thru the decades, children have always asked for whatever was new in the market. These toy companies also used different strategies to market their products.  Let’s see the changes in the gifts that children asked for during each decade.

 Erector SetThe 10’s: The Erector Set

The Erector  Set was the most famous construction toy of the decade. It consisted of various metal beams and holes along with nuts and bolts. The advantage of the set was that you could build, let’s say a bridge, tear it apart and then build a building or a house of the same material. Then, break it down again and build something new. Creativity was at its peak at that time.

 The 20’s: The Yo-Yo

The Yo-Yo was a toy you could carry anywhere and play with it as you walk down the road. It had an axle which connected two disks together. A string looped round the axle. You had to hold the free end of the string and throw the yo-yo. The Yo-Yo would return back to its original place in the axle thanks to gravity. It was complete entertainment to the young and old alike.

 MonopolyThe 30’s: Monopoly

Still played by kids all over the world today, Monopoly was discovered in the early 30’s and became a big hit throughout America. Soon, there were different editions of Monopoly sold. There were lots of people who collected all the editions of Monopoly. It became a popular past time in the American families.


 The 40’s: The Slinky

The Slinky is a compressed metal spring that can perform a lot of tricks and can also be used to exercise your hands. You need to use force to press it and gravity does the rest of the trick to open it up. Toddlers would get fascinated looking at it jump being pressed to the ground and then find it jumping in the air.

 Vintage BarbieThe 50’s: Barbie

The 50’s was the decade of the girls. It is in this decade that Barbie made an appearance with all her clothes and finery and still rules the toy charts till today.

The 60’s: The Easy Bake Oven

You can’t call The Easy Bake Oven a girl’s gift. Even boys, who grew up seeing their mum’s bake, grew to love it. Though girl homes had a monopoly on it, it was still widely accepted throughout the whole of America.

 The 70’s: Atari

Thanks to Atari, video games and arcade games found a place in our lives and in our homes. Not only kids, but even the adults could not stop themselves from playing the game. It became an instant hit all over.

The 80’s: Cabbage Patch Kids

Who knew that these ugly looking dolls sold at local fairs who find a place in our homes. They sold like hot cakes. In fact, stores reported that parents would actually jump over the counter to get their hands on their own Cabbage Patch Kid.

 The 90’s: Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo from Sesame StreetThe Tickle Me Elmo came into existence based on the character of Elmo from the show Sesame Street. If you would squeeze Elmo, he would chortle. After being squeezed three times it would shake and laugh like crazy. It became so popular that due to its limited stock, each Elmo was sold for $1500, at that time.

 The 2000’s: iPod

The iPod is made for music lovers on the go. It has taken the place of the Walkman and is a great boon to this century.

Brands for Mountain Bikes

Tired of just riding around town? Want something fun, exciting and adventurous to ride on? How about the mountains and its rough terrain to start with? Having a hard time choosing a bike? That’s what we are here for….to give you a gist of the Best Mountain Bike Brands available. This article will definitely give you a gist of what you really looking out for.


GiantIf you have a Giant Yukon, rest assured, you have one of the best mountain bike brands in this universe. Though it might be a little heavy on your pocket, very few bike brands can take its place. With its giant sport alloy handlebars and Schwalbe Rapid Rob tires, and full suspension trial machine, you can handle the toughest trail with ease.  Though it is light weight, it’s extremely tough and durable made for all kinds of weather and all kinds of roads.


In the year 1976, Trek started riding the world. At that time their mission was simple: To build the best bikes in the world. Now with the changing times, another mission was added: Help the world use the bicycle as a simple solution to complex problem.

The Trek technical trials are known to be the best for sharp turns, drops and rugged terrains. You can ride them all day without thinking about the state of your bike in the future. It is not just mountain bikes and rugged terrain that you need to take care of. Trek as a company takes care of all your needs. There are bikes for the road and cross country riding as well. You just need to pick and you are all set.


SpecializedThere is a reason why these bikes have qualified into the Olympics. Its not just once, but they have been in the Olympics 5 times. The answer is simple: they have to be one of the best mountain bike brands in town. Be it for the road, mountains, cross country, trails, fitness….this company specializes in everything related to biking.

Their mountain bikes (which they very rightly call adventure biking) head to corners unknown to the world. They have seen the highest peaks and the worst terrain. They have borne the brunt of extreme climate conditions and still stayed strong. All this done, after being extremely light weight and efficient. Just like its name suggests, they have a special team that specializes bikes at its client’s requests.

 Santa Cruz

Though not very well known, these Santa Cruz are one of the very few companies left that specialize in mountain bikes. To top it all, these bikes are still manufactured in America. Hence, these bikes are not very expensive and go quite light on the pockets. They have the molded rubber swing arm and downtube protectors along with carbon upper link to increase stiffness.



The plus point about Cannondale bikes is that gear shifting is really easy and both derailers can be purchased at really cheap prices. Again sturdy as a rock, it can be taken anywhere and everywhere.


If you really love cycling and everything about it, you may want to visit the cool kids toys in 2000.  If you’re a beginner, think about going on a mountain bike tour. There’s one for everyone.



This is the age of technology. Desktops are out of fashion. Laptops and iPads have now taken its place. Yes, we do have kids running around playgrounds, but a lot of these kids have now taken to games played on these fancy gadgets.

Luckily, the kids of this age also don’t mind playing with toys of the last century. Let us have a look at a few of the cool kids toys that have found a place in your child’s room.


Conceived in the 60’s, Spiderman is still a hit among children of all ages. Along with the action figures of Spiderman, you also have Spiderman toys like cars, bikes and masks that also sell.

Barbie Dolls

A girl’s house is incomplete without her Barbie dolls. Over the years, a simple doll with beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair has been transformed herself into a fashion fiesta with all the different types of clothes, shoes and accessories. Now she also has her own house and beauty parlor added to her list. 


Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Oven is meant for every boy and girl who has seen their mum cook and want to try stunts for themselves. With its fake stove, oven and dish washer, they got everything needed in the kitchen rolled in one. These days, you have the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven which is smaller and easier to use.

 Lego Monster TruckLego

Lego is loved by everyone from the age of 2. It is now used as a learning tool for kids of all ages. It is one game that can keep your child busy for hours on end. Not to mention, how creative the mind of your child can get.


 Hot Wheels Cars

If you are in a house that has a boy, rest assured, you will find hot wheels cars somewhere hidden in his room. The amount of cars made by hot wheels is enormous. The real catch is that these mini heart throbs come at a very cheap rate.

 Remote Control Cars

These remote Control Cars come for all ages. This is one toy where the fathers turn kids themselves and have a blast along with their sons. (Most of the girls unfortunately prefer house games than these screaming monsters). Due to the different speeds and velocities that these battery operated cars have, you can also play racing games and fight with the opponent.


Bicycles have existed since the 19th century and are still rocking. At first, they were used as a means of transportation.  Now, along with transportation, they are also used to exercise and family fun. Kids, as young as three years are seen riding them.

Board Games

There is no better way to exercise your mind than board games. Be it Monopoly, chess, scrabble or any other board game. Most of them compel you to think and is a good source to outwit boredom and bond with family and friends.


Now comes the time for this generation, which does exercise your mind to some extent, but not your body. At the same time, playing on the iPad for a long time can hurt your eyes as well. But all said and done, on a rainy day, when you can’t go out and are bored playing with toys and board games, the iPad is a good option. Some of the most famous games played on the iPad are Temple Run and Zuma.

Through the ages  a lot of things were created to make life simpler and easier. Inventing different toys has just been one of them. Go back a decade and see what was popular with 1990 toys.


The 90’s gave way to economic prosperity. The toy manufacturers raised the prices of their toy products and also got more creative with their imagination getting in a lot of games that were small, light and entertaining for the kids and adults alike.

Vintage games

You did not need to go to the computer every time you wanted to play the video game. The Gameboy, Tamagotchi and Space Mutants made life simple and easy. All these video games came with dot matrix game screen and digital stereo sound.

Barbie Dream HouseBarbie Dream House

Now the different Barbie dolls you had owned and lived in all the corners of your house, at last had her own house to live in. It came with features like windows and doors that opened and closed as well as a huge balcony for Barbie. It also had a kitchen which had a refrigerator and a stove so Barbie never goes hungry.

Talking Barney

The popular TV series Barney and friends made way for Barney to step into our lives and our homes. This purple colored dinosaur had to have his right hand or tummy squeezed to make him talk to us. Barney was perhaps the first doll that did not repeat his sentences for a long time.

X-Men Action Figures

Boys… Don’t get dejected. The 90’s had something for you too. The X-Men action heroes themed by the Marvel comics had 4 figures enter your home and your room.


Jurassic Park CompoundJurassic Park Command Compound

The movie ‘Jurassic Park’ made such an impact on our kids that it had dinosaurs all over the shops and toy outlets. You could also have your very own ‘Jurassic Park Command Compound’ that included a missile launcher and net catapult along with 100 different phrases and sound effects.

Lazer Challenge Duel Set

The Lazer Challenge Set had LED scoring and sound effects. Due to its red laser pistols, you could accurately hit targets even fifty feet away. This was all time fun for the boys and quickly became a hit in their houses.

AM/FM CD Boom Box

This was a colourful but sleek CD player that had AM/FM, two 4”speakers, a headphone jack along with volume limit safety features, headphones and a calculator all rolled in 1. You could carry it to any kiddie party and have a blast.

Power Rangers MegazordPower Rangers

It was time for the kids to get ready for the double morphing Power Rangers. The Power Rangers were actually vehicles which transformed themselves into robots. The robots then came together, to form a Deluxe Double Morphing Rescue Megazord. It quickly became a hit for kids over the ages of four.


Pokemon was another craze among boys and kids who loved action.  With the advent of the net, kids started downloading Pokemon on their desktops as well.

Though toys like Cabbage Patch kids and Tickle me Elmo were still sold, it was not much of a craze as compared to the toys of the 90’s.


There were beautiful changes that happened in the 80’s. It was in this decade that the IBM Personal Computer was released. The first Space Shuttle was lifted in this decade and USA and USSR got closer leading to the end of the Cold War.

Let’s see the happiness that the toy world created with children in that decade.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Though Little People (the original name for Cabbage Patch Kids) was discovered in 1978, it Cabbage Patchgained popularity in 1982. It became such a big hit that during Christmas season, there were parents fighting, smashing and grabbing their chance as a gift for their little ones. They were not really beautiful. But it became such a craze among kids that people would do anything to get their hands on one of them.


Koosh Ball was discovered in 1988 by Scott Stillingler for his daughters as he wanted a safe toy to  throw around. It got its name from the sound it made when it landed. It soon became one of the must have Christmas gifts of the year.

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were introduced for boys in 1988. The Ninja Turtles were made into cartoon characters to promote sales. It didn’t take long for it to be in every boy’s wishlist. It continued to be in the wishlist even thru the 90’s.

Masters of the Universe

You were definitely a child of the 80’s if He-Man, Man-at-Arms and Skeletor were your world. Every boy wanted his own entire collection of He-Man figures. Having these He-Man figures made boys feel strong and muscular.

Fluppy Dogs

if you think that your toy dog could just eat, sleep and fetch…then you are wrong. This is one toy dog that could do a lot more than the normal toy dogs of the era did. Fluppy Dogs could even talk and walk like humans. Don’t forget their spikey dreadlocks that were a hit with the kids of the time. The five main Fluppy Dogs were Stanley (a blue colour Fluppy), Blink (who was yellow), Dink (you had him in red or peach), Tippi (purple coloured Fluppy) and Ozzie (a cute little green Fluppy).

 Glo Worm and FriendsGlo Worm and Friends

This toy was a real revolution of the 80’s. The Glo Worm glowed in the dark when you pressed it. As a result, children loved to hug it and sleep in the night. It came with its own nightcap to sleep with the child. Due to its popularity, there were requests made for Glo Friends. Thus, Glo Snail, Glo Bug, Glo Spider and many other Glo insects came into existence. These friends also came with mini sleeping bags so the child could carry it wherever he or she went.

Pogo Balls

These were a big hit with parents and children alike. It was a normal ball but you had to stand on the platform squeezing the upper part of the ball with your feet and then jump on it until your legs hurt. This could be taken on playgrounds and played around with. Unlike normal balls, this ball was squishy and could not hurt anyone.


This is one era where some of the toys exist even today. Go back and rediscover 1970 toys.


The 70’s was a time of happiness, joy and sorrow. In this decade, we see Arthur Ashe winning Wimbledon, the first test tube baby being born, Sony introducing the Walkman and music icon Elvis Presley dead at the peak of his career.

With regards to toys, we had a lot of inventions made during the decade.

1970 Toys

Lite-BriteLite Brite

Lite-Brite brought the creativity of the child out in the open. It had multi-colored, translucent plastic pegs placed on black opaque paper thus creating a glowing picture. We have the same concept in a modern version and even thru LCD still today.

The Pet Rock

‘A simple idea thru simple means can make you a millionaire’. This is what Gary Dahl the founder of The Pet Rock has shown the world. The name says it all. Here we have a pet that requires no maintenance and can be decorated to your heart’s content. The pet is a simple rock from your surroundings. It was packaged like a real pet with air holes in the box (so your pet could breathe) and a straw bed and a pillow for the rock’s comfort. Although, the rock did not rule for a long time, it was definitely an in-thing during the Christmas of 1975 and it definitely made Gary Dahl a millionaire.

Silly Strings

Discovered in the 70’s, Silly Strings rule even today. You will find it at every party and every wedding. It is not very expensive.

Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong was an action figure for boys. The notable feature about this toy was that it could be stretched from about 15 inches to about 5 feet. It had a unique box packing that ensured that it could be stored and carried from place to place without getting damaged. Even if it did get damaged, a normal adhesive would do the trick.



Mastermind is a code breaking board game for two players. One of them becomes a code maker and the other the code breaker. The code breaker has to decide the pattern in the code makers mind and try breaking it so the code maker does not win.


Pong is one of the earliest video games to be played in the history of mankind. It is played similar to that of table tennis or aka Ping Pong. Pong led to the innovation of different video games on the same lines thus paving the way for video game parlors. In 1975, the home version of Pong was released. This became a huge hit and was sold in all the retail stores.

Vintage Barbie

Mattel got a new addition to their Barbie collection. There was a Vintage Barbie added who was chic, sassy and sophisticated. With her, came more accessories and make up for the doll.


The ‘Sixties’ made a lot of changes to the history of America. This decade saw John F Kennedy being assassinated, the Beatles change music in America and Martin Luther King Jr. make his famous speech ‘I have a Dream’.

Ever wondered what kind of toys did this generation have?? Read more about 1960s toys:

Chatty Cathy Doll

Chatty Cathy Doll first made her way to every girls heart and house in 1960. She had the look of the ‘American Sweetheart’ thanks to her blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair. This doll of the 60’s had modern day gadgets. When the chatty ring on her back was pulled, she would beautifully speak eleven different sentences. Some of them included ‘I love you’, ‘Please take Chatty Cathyme with you’ and ‘Lets play school’. Chatty Cathy Doll had two different outfits. One was a blue dress with accessories and the other was a red bathing suit also accompanied with accessories. At a time when paper dolls were the only dolls that the girls had, Chatty Cathy Doll and her outfits was a welcome change. The same company that made Chatty Cathy Doll went on to make the ever famous ‘Barbie’ which continues to be in every angel’s hand.

Rock’em Sock’em Robots

Another invention made for the boys in the 1960’s toys were the Rock’em Sock’em Robots. Here, was a toy that involved two players. These were boxing matches played by two boys controlled by joysticks and buttons that were in the hands of two boys. While punching buttons the two robots would kind of punch each other till the head of one robot would tilt on one side signalling a TKD (Total Knock Down).


Twister was another game in the 60’s where the whole family could be involved. This was a complete family entertainer and could be played even during parties. This game only involved your body, a large thin sheet of plastic and big colored dots. The colours that were normally put were red, blue, yellow and green. One person was pulled to call the commands on the spinner card. If you think this was easy, you are wrong. The challenge here was that your body part had to remain on the color called while you were getting instructions and trying to put another color on another body part. The minute you fell, you were out of the game. In fact, this is one game that has not lost its market even after all these years.

Easy Bake Oven ModernEasy Bake Oven

America saw its first toy oven in 1963 when the Easy Bake Oven was introduced. It even had a fake stove top. There was a light bulb that heated up the oven. At that time, each oven was sold for $15.95. It was one the biggest selling toy in the States in the first year itself.

There were other dolls like the Shirley Temple Play Pal, Hot Wheels and the ever famous Lego bricks which were also around at that time. But back then, they definitely did not make much of a mark like the Chatty Cathy Doll, Rock’em Sock’em Robots, Twister and Easy Bake Oven.

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